Registration is open

We are happy to announce that registration for EASR 2019 is now open! To register you need to log in to ConfTool. As part of the registration you can also sign up to the Conference dinner, any one of the cultural activities we have planned as well as for other possibilities (such as, for example, child care).

Registration to the conference dinner as well as to the cultural activities is limited. Therefore, if you find any one excursion or other event particularly intriguing, we advise registering as soon as possible. Similarly with the conference dinner – due to the high popularity of EASR 2019 we do not have room for everybody at the dinner. If you do not want to miss out on it, register early.

Payment is currently available by wire transfer and by PayPal. PayPal service can also be used for ordinary credit card payments. However, in some countries participants will have to create a free PayPal account during the payment process. When completing your registration, please click on the PayPal button to start payment process, if you wish to pay by credit card. Still, we strongly encourage everybody from the European Union to make use of the wire transfer option.

For more information about registration and registration fees, please see:

For more information about the excursions, the cooking workshop as well as the bog hike we have in store for you as part of the cultural activities programme, please see:
For more information about child care, see:

We look forward to your registration and seeing you in Tartu!

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