The event is supported by the European Union, European Regional Development Fund (through Enterprise Estonia conference support grant), University of Tartu and City Government of Tartu.
EAS project name: EASR 2019
Total support: 27 703,90 EUR
Project goals: 17th Annual Conference of the European Association for the Study of Religions (EASR) is an IAHR Regional Conference. The main aim of the conference is to promote the study of religious traditions worldwide and bring together an interdisciplinary network of researchers to create a dialogue between experts with different discsiplinary backgrounds. The theme of 2019 Conference is „Religion – Continuations and Disruptions“ (June 25–29, 2019, Tartu, Estonia).

The event is supported also by:

  • University of Tartu
  • The Estonian Society for the Study of Religions

  • The European Association for the Study of Religions
  • City of Tartu